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Transcription & Coding

EMR Remedies provides consultation to evaluate a physicians medical transcription needs and to insure that the practice receives the expected level of service from its medical transcription partner. EMR Remedies also works closely with providers of medical transcription services that allows for the building of the relationship between the physician and the transcription solutions provider.

EMR Remedies provides the technical analysis necessary to insure that the practice is serviced by transcription companies utilizing the latest advanced web-based technologies. This helps to guarantee the highest level of efficiency and productivity for the physician's practice and allow for access to documents day or night from home, auto, office, hospital or operating room.

EMR Remedies only works with those transcription companies that can customize their offering to best meet the specific needs for each and every unique practice. Most important to our research is that the physician's information is secure and that the transcription services company selected meets all HIPAA and HITECH regulations in both their technology and facilities. Physical and data security are a priority for EMR Remedies selection for each practices transcription solutions.

EMR Remedies can provide the necessary technical support to provide integration of electronic medical records (EMR) systems with transcription information. We can provide the expertise for the automated importing of patient demographics from the EMR to the transcription companies software, thus improving productivity and practice efficiency.

Our expertise in coding and billing coupled with custom training solutions assists a practice with maintaining the business process flow as well as cash flow. Through ongoing training, the practice will always have the latest information concerning changes to coding and regulatory requirements for Medicare and Medicaid.

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