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EMR Selection

The selection of a computer based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) system might be one of the most important decisions that a physician has to make in a thriving medical practice. As the technological business backbone of the practice, the EMR is usually integrated with a physician's Practice Management Software used for scheduling, claims, and tasking. This integration can be very difficult for the physician's staff and requires a firm understanding of Information Technology, Computer Hardware and Software.

In addition, the EMR will in most cases require integration to other systems such as Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS), Lab Information Systems (LIS) and Transcription Services. EMR Remedies provides expert analysis and selection assistance in all areas of medical office technology including not only the EMR, but also PACS, LIS, Transcription, Billing and Coding. EMR Remedies can also provide physicians with required office IT Hardware and Software Support, and Remote Hosting Services for operating in the internet Cloud.

EMR Remedies was founded with one primary goal, to assist physicians with the evaluation and selection of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems as well as other technology required to improve the productivity and efficiencies of the physicians practice. Founded by engineers, EMR Remedies provides unbiased professional consultative services to physicians, clinics, and hospitals in selection, integration, and ongoing support of Health Information Technology (HIT).

With expertise in the HIT Meaningful Use criteria for Medicare and Medicaid providers, EMR Remedies can insure that physicians receive maximum benefit from the HITECH provisions of the American Recovery and Reimbursement Act (ARRA) of 2009.

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