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EMR Hosting

In its continuing efforts to help the health care industry accelerate the use of electronic medical records, EMR Remedies is expanding its cloud computing platform to allow multiple types of EMR systems software and other digital patient health data to be stored and maintained offsite. EMR Remedies facilitates electronic health records and transcriptionist-to-physician dictated notes to be housed offsite with guaranteed backup for the software and all stored patient and client data for a physicians group. The expanded offering now enables a wider range of health care providers including small physician practices to securely and privately maintain a HIPAA compliant EMR system.

To help enable this transition, EMR Remedies provides Professional Consulting Services that are well suited to meet the needs of small providers that wish to improve their practice efficiency and productivity. EMR Remedies professional consulting services can help physicians navigate through the technical issues associated with the transition from manual health record keeping to electronic medical records.

EMR Remedies provides the practice with peace of mind that all data and related software are secure and backed up 24 hours a day. The EMR Remedies hosting system provides for software and power redundancy and 24 hour technical support to insure continuous uptime for the physician's electronic medical records system and associated data.

Beginning in 2011, the U.S. federal government will offer health care providers financial incentives to spur the widespread adoption of electronic health records. As part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, a total of $27 billion will be invested over the next decade, representing the first substantial commitment of federal funding to boost adoption of electronic health records across the U.S. health care system.

Launched in October 2010, the EMR Remedies Hosting System is a pivotal step toward the sharing of electronic medical records in the U.S. Available nationally, the data center is designed to meet meaningful-use requirements established under the 2009 Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act. These requirements are a set of interoperability standards, implementation specifications and certification programs intended to certify electronic health record technology to enable clinicians to better coordinate patient care and reduce administrative costs.

The hosting system enables EMR Remedies to help physicians demonstrate meaningful use in several critical ways. Meaningful use requires that hospitals and eligible physicians securely and electronically store health information. With minimal investment and a secure location for the physician's data, EMR Remedies helps meet these requirements with the added benefit of maintaining existing provider work flows.

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