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1. EHR Online Safety System Launched

A new online safety reporting system to help doctors and other clinicians tackle issues related to the implementation of electronic health record (EHRs) has been launched by the iHealth Alliance, a not-for-profit organization, in collaboration with federal agencies, the PDR Network and other healthcare stakeholders.

2. Independent EMR Consultants: Is There a Need?

Physicians can't help but hear the clamor to adopt EMR technology. Perhaps if they had an expert shoulder to lean on, they would be more apt to make a commitment. Then again, maybe not.

3. Allscripts and Eclipsys Merge

This official web site provides up-to-date, detailed information about the Electronic Health Record (EHR) incentive programs.

4. Healthcare Quarterly: Hospitals' road to EMRs costly

North Texas hospital systems are moving quickly to install electronic medical record networks, but the road to full implementation will be long, expensive and full of twists, hospital officials say. Read more: Healthcare Quarterly: Hospitals' road to EMRs costly | Dallas Business Journal

5. Top 10 'urban myths' of EHRs

ORLANDO, FL – For the most part, electronic health records are terrific. But they're far from perfect. And providers implementing EHRs shouldn't expect them to be problem-vanquishing panaceas, said Ann Meehan and Julia Kendrick of Nashville's Ardent Health Services.

6. Docs' need for efficiency driving ambulatory EHR market

BURLINGTON, VT – It's not ARRA incentives that are encouraging doctors buy EHRs: rather, they're making the purchase because they want more efficiency in their practices, according to a new study.

7. Ethical Best Practices: Resource Guide for Healthcare Documentation Specialists

The Resource Guide for Healthcare Documentation Specialists contains all content from the original Ethical Best Practices Manual for the Healthcare Documentation Sector that relates specifically to best practices for our workforce. Practice guidelines related to at-home HIPAA and regulatory compliance, compensation, employee vs. independent contractor status, and provision of services are all included in this resource guide for the working MT. Sample agreements and contracts, including business associate and noncompete/nonsolicitation agreements are included.

8. Health costs: They'll spike, then slow down

NEW YORK ( -- It will be at least five years before health care reform triggers a sustained slowdown in the pace of spending, according to new government estimates released on Thursday.

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